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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  April 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we've got showers. you can see all of this rain in toward southern virginia which is moving off toward the north and the east. you can see out to the west and we know in places like romney and burlington, west virginia it's raining this morning down toward charlottesville. i want to zoom down to the south here. culpeper some showers knocking on your doorstep. fredricksburg, colonial beach, you can be seeing this the next couple of hours. again temps running in the 50s to about 61 in annapolis. let's go to monika now at 6:00 a.m. with time saver traffic. the rush hour is definitely under way. good morning, everybody. the beltway looks great but we're beginning to see delays on the inbound side of i-66 coming out of manassas toward center vi. i'm going to step out and show you a live look from sky 9 on the inbound side of 66. this is at route 50e. very -- route a. very slow and heavy trying to get to route 123. i believe the lanes are open. just again volume early on this morning. let's take you back over to the maps and this time heading over
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to the southbound side of i- 270. if you're planning to head out of frederick, it's just going to slow down a bit as you pat 109 to 121. a little more in rockville. 270 southbound at route 109 and again once you pass route 121, you're pretty much okay till you get to rockville. a live look at the beltway north of town at georgia avenue. outer loop slowing down right in silver spring. in my next report another look at area roads at 6:11. the scandal involving secret service agents and prostitutes is growing. we're learning that it involved more women and may have involved more agents. >> reaction to it has been sharp on both sides of the aisle. delia goncalves is live near the white house with some of the new developments this morning. delia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. we now know that 21 prostitutes were involved in this scandal and officials say they know who these women are because they simply had to hand over i.d. in order to spend the night in
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this colombia hotel. it also appears that 21 men may be involved as well, including ranking members of the secret service, ten members of all four branches of the military. the men were apparently partying at a strip club less than 48 hours before the president's visit to colombia. they reportedly were drunk and then paid the women $60 to return to their hotel. the scandal erupted after one man had an argument with one of the women over payment. officials now tell us it's unlikely there was a security breach but the scandal has sparked outrage and lots of folk wonder if this speaks to a much larger problem. >> it raises questions about the culture. it's also very hard for me to believe that this is the only time that this has ever happened. i am worried that this is the only time that they were caught. >> what has gone on is very embarrassing and i think it's
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clear there are investigations going on both at the pentagon and at the secret service and i hope they get to the bottom of it quickly. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news investigators even offered some of the agents polygraph tests so they can talk to agents about more -- more of what they know. coming up at 6:30, hear from a secret service agent who is running for congress. hear what he has to say about the scandal and he says his friends who are involved. mike, back to you. >> thanks, delia. delia is live in northwest washington this morning. one of the most outspoken republicans on the hill is warning his party not to play politics with this scandal. here's what new york congressman peter king had to say. >> there's no responsibility here by president owe bam madam president the secret service basically -- obama. the secret service basically operates independently. what they did is entirely wrong in every respect.
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while again it could create a climate that people can use against the president, i'm saying that president obama had really absolutely nothing to do with this, no responsibility. he was down there trying to do his job as president representing all the people. >> the white house has praised quick action by the secret service to investigate the scandal so far. the interim chief as well as the inspector general of the general services administration will be front and center on capitol hill today. they'll be talking about a supposed culture of excess at the gsa. 13 bosses at the agency have been fired, resigned or put on leave in the last few weeks, all since the news broke about a lavish conference in las vegas. there's supposedly more bombshells to come. the whistle blower of all of this was susan britta. she testified before a house committee tuesday. >> during my 18 years with this committee, there were many serious issues that this committee addressed but none rises to the hill of the wasteful spending -- level of
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the wasteful spending of the conference. as a civil servant and taxpayer, i share your anger and disappointment in gsa's conduct. >> today's hearings begin later this afternoon. now to campaign 2012 this morning and some closures to the april 3 primary in the district. today the d.c. board of elections will certify the results in the at large primary for the democrats. vincent orange won that race by about 1700 votes over sekou biddle. there will not be an automatic recount. pepco customers may not love their power company but these days they at least hate them less. the american customer satisfaction index is out. last year you can remember pepco was the most hated company in america. this year it's not even the worst power company. it's second to last on the list. pepco's ranking tied with
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comcast. 6:06. jessica doyle is watching your money and the region's economy. >> apparently the competition is getting fierce to recruit big companies and their workers. >> willing and retaining big -- would youing and retaining -- wooing and retaining big companies is big business. you have to factor in economic drivers such as commercial real estate deals and all those workers need a place to live and spend their money and their free time. so it's not surprising when law makers make attractive deals with companies. that's what the district wants to do to keep living social's headquarters right here in d.c. living social provided me with a statement last night saying a number of other cities have approached the deals company with compelling relocation offers. the company was founded in the district and mayor vincent gray wants to keep it here. so he's proposed rewriting incentives for tech companies. for living social the company could save up to 32 and a half million in taxes over a five-
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year period beginning in 2015. to maximize those savings, at least half of new hires would be required to live in the district or move to the city within six months of being hired. living social tells me if this legislation is passed, it will help create more than a thousand new jobs in washington. that would more than double its current local work force. d.c. far if alone in trying to woo big business. taking a look at virginia, governor bob mcdonnell last month announced 13 bills that have been signed or will be soon to help businesses. the state has been winning over companies lately. headquarters moving to virginia include california defense contractor northrop gum man, beck teleand -- bechtel. last year -- [indiscernible] as for living social, just five years it's become one of the largest private employers in the district. mayor gray says keeping the company here would -- could give the city $133 million in revenue over a ten-year period.
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the d.c. city council would have to approve this measure. we'll have to see what happens with that. >> nothing like jobs around here. we can use them all the time. did you catch the space shuttle taking its ride over washington tuesday? in five minutes we're on discovery's homecoming and the big events planned at the smithsonian tomorrow. compared to the last two days, sort of a chill in the air this morning. next we'll learn when things will get back to the warmer side. good morning, mr. president. 60:8. we'll be right -- 6:08. we'll be right back.
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. a much different day today. yesterday we were 70. today cloudy, cool, occasionally showers. highs won't be moving much, only around 60 but back in the sun tomorrow. we've got a couple of long, slow stretches on the northbound side of i-95 leaving dale city off and on toward the occoquan river in woodbridge and here in springfield heading up toward 395. i'll have more on virginia roadways coming up once again at 6:18. police in the houston area are now piecing together a tragic story this morning. a mother shot and killed and her infant child kidnapped. >> that baby is safe this morning and it's one of the stories making news now coming up on 6:12. the 28-year-old mother was shot and killed after some kind of argument outside a doctor's office tuesday afternoon. her 3 day old son vanished.
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the baby was found just a few hours later alive and well. the killer and kidnapper have not been found. president obama wants to crack down on oil traders. he's proposing raising penalties for companies accused of manipulating the price of oil. even the president admits this will not have an immediate impact on gas prices. today we'll get to meet the third winner of last month's megamillions jackpot. they bought the ticket at this convenience store outside of st. louis. they're going to take home $218 million. that's before taxes of course. there are not a lot of good things that can bring washington to a standstill, even fewer that can make everyone go man, that was cool. >> but that is exactly what happened tuesday morning as the space shuttle discovery flew over our region riding on the back of a 7:47. this is what it looked like as the pair made its trip over the national mall. it did three fly byes which took a lot of people by
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surprise. a breathtaking sight for the thousands of people who stopped and looked up to see it. >> i should have brought some tissues. to just see it flying over the monument is just -- i don't have the words. >> you see something that's been out of this world literally. gives me goose bumps. goose bumps. >> we believe that, too. kristin fisher watched the shuttle land at the smithsonian iewd var hazy center -- udvar- hazy center. she has more on discovery's home. >> reporter: after 39 missions in 27 years, discovery made her final victory lap as champion of the shuttle fleet. >> we requested it by name because in our view it's the champion of the shuttle fleet. >> reporter: it's traveled more miles than any other shuttle. >> it's flown every kind of
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mission since the shuttle was designed to fly. it does embody the space shuttle era of human space flight. >> reporter: discovery has the battle wounds to prove it. these dark spots aren't dirt. they're burn marks from the 39 times that discovery reentered the earth's atmosphere. compare that to the museum's current crown jewel the enterprise. it's perfectly clean because it's never been to space. now enterprise is being shipped off to new york to make room for space shuttle discovery. >> i hope that people who come here in 50 years or a hundred years will either be charlesed or awed by the space shuttle. they may be charmed because it's relatively primitive compared to whatever it's flying in a hundred years or they may be awed that at one time the united states flew such a large spacecraft. >> that was kristin fisher
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reporting. the big welcome party for discovery continues tomorrow at the udvar-hazy center at dulles airport. the museum parking lot opens at 8:00. then there will be a transfer ceremony beginning at 11:00 and then between noon and 4:00, both discovery and the prototype shuttle enterprise will be on display for you to see simultaneously. really cool. at 4:30 they'll begin moving discovery into its hangar while enterprise is prepped for departure. it will be taken to the intrepid museum in new york city. >> it has to go on board a 747 -- on the back of 5747. i wish -- of a 747. i wish they would make a loop around so we could see it. >> today we've got some showers and clouds and a cool day but by tomorrow afternoon the sun will be back. we're looking at highs tomorrow around 70. should be another picture perfect day for the folks. >> get the camera. >> it's a great museum if you've never been to it. now you have another reason to go. the rain, we're excited about that because the rain deficit
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this month, this year has been growing and growing too fast. the green numbers is what we actually had in rainfall. the white numbers are the deficits. rain deficit almost five inches at national and bat more. we're going to start to make a dent on those numbers here as we go into the day today and over the weekend. looking at your bus stop forecast, some spotty showers this morning. heavier down south. most temperatures are running in the 50s with your sunrise at 6:27 although we're not going to see it. we're clouded up and going to stay cloudy all day. temperatures barely moving. upper 50s, 60ish in that neighborhood with the occasional spotty showers. they might get to moderate at some point, especially down south. even a little lightning and thunder toward the virginia- north carolina border. you notice we've got some showers around the i-81 corridor from hagerstown, maybe up toward thurmont, northern
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frederick county. going down through romney, through kay upon bridge -- capon bridge, winchester seeing that the leftier showers down south and west of culpeper. look at this from orange, this is all moving northeast of culpeper. you'll get moderate showers. some of the showers headed toward leonardtown maybe in the next 20 minutes. temps are not going to move much. mid-50s right now in gaithersburg and great falls. 60 at fort belvoir. bwi is 58 along with arlington. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, these are mostly cloudy skies, overcast skies we have now. 60 degrees with a north, northeast wind at 12. so the spotty showers with us today and tonight before midnight. clearing tomorrow morning. 60 today. tonight about 50. some 40s north and west. could be a few morning clouds on thursday. then sunny and 70. a beautiful afternoon. friday warmer.
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we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s. then saturday a more potent rain heads this way. saturday morning with showers and storms possible. saturday afternoon, evening, night, through monday even as we cool down to 57 by tuesday. 6:17. 6:18 now. here's monika with time saver traffic. hasn't been much fun on the northbound side of i-95 for commuters in virginia. good morning, everybody. the early morning accident near the prince william parkway set the tone for a tough one on the northbound side. here you're going about 21 miles an hour toward the prince william parkway. i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live from sky 9 right here at the prince william parkway. all lanes are open, just very, very slow and heavy leaving dale city up to this point and across the occoquan river. we'll go a little further north on the northbound side of 395. it's going to slow down here at edsall road to duke street. then the pace improves all the way to emfather road and into -- seminary road and into shirlington. we're going to head over to the other side of town.
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the outer loop normal leaving college park into silver spring. this there is an accident on 197 near the bw parkway. that one just reported in the laurel area. we'll take a live look at the beltway at university boulevard. slow traffic leaving the 95 interchange. in my next report we'll take a look into maryland again at 6:25. >> thank you, monika. 6:19. coming up next in sports. the secret to the nationals' early success. we also look ahead to the redskins' 2012 schedule. >> now for another check of our always popular question of the morning which is new research subjects drinking this will make -- suggests drinking this will make you 40% smarter. is it a, coffee, b, beer, or c, grape juice. >> there seems to be a theme among our facebook friends who happen to be guys. rob writes beer. oh, please, let it be beer. terry also thinking it's b. he writes i knew there was a reason i drank beer. >> keep those guesses coming. i'm with you guys. find out if you're correct at 6:48.
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hi. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. it is 6:22. your weather first.
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we're looking at showers out there to our west and south. scattered showers today. really possible this morning, midday, this afternoon, through the evening hours. temperatures with the clouds and these occasional scattered showers, they're not going to move much. we're in the upper 50s and 60. 61 now. highs around 60. northeast winds 5 to 10. glad we got the rain. keep the rain gear handy. we'll have the full seven-day forecast coming up in just a little while. right now here's mike. if you want to know why the nationals look so good and are in first place, just look at the pitcher. >> the investment paid off. the nats have the best era in the national league, the most strikeouts and hitters can't seem to figure them out. >> that's a good thing for the fans ever the curly w. gonzalez, lights out. eight strikeouts. houston's starter was just as good. just one blemish.
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nats win 1-0. jamie moyer is now baseball record holder. he's in the record books. the rockies pitcher became the oldest pitcher to win a major league baseball game. he's just 49 and 150 days young. he went seven innings last night, gave up two runs to the padres. it's his career win number 268. unless you watch us regularly you know i'm not obnoxious about it but i do favor a football team that tends to wear black and gold rather than burgundy and gold sometimes. the redskins begin their season september 9 against the saints in new orleans at the dome. two weeks later the skins open at home against the bengals. washington visits dallas for a game on thanksgiving and they have a monday night game at home against the giants december 3. for the entire skins schedule, just go to and visit the sports page. nascar's top drivers made a pit stop at the white house tuesday. president obama welcomed sprint
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cup champion tony stewart. ten other drivers came along. the president is hoping to one day do a lap in one of those cars. 6:25. still ahead a new effort to crack down on adults who supply teenagers with alcohol. >> rough times in richmond. hear what the governor is saying about the budget mess in the commonwealth. >> before you grab the keys, here's monika with a check on the commute. >> a couple of long, slow stretches along 270 southbound beginning first after frederick 85 toward 121 and then again 124 to i-370 with the lanes open. coming up in my next report, a look at all the major thoroughfares again at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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it's 6:29. we're back. here's the last look at enterprise. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with a much cooler start to the morning. good morning. good morning. winds are light. temps in the 50s or 6 on. i have the up bale la in hand. -- or 60. i have the umbrella in hand. showers on and off today and into the evening as well. expect temperatures to barely
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move. we're 60 now. upper 60s, owe on upper 50s, 60ish for the day. occasional showers, indicational periods of -- occasional periods of rain. you can see the light showers that have gone into southern pennsylvania, parts of the shenandoah valley. here in the district we're still dry but fredricksburg, get ready. got some showers approaching culpeper. also southern maryland, leonardtown, st. mary's county. temperatures only around 60. i'll be in with your weekend forecast in about 13 minutes. right now let's go to monika. she'll let you know about that morning commute. on the northbound side of i- 95, it's been very heavy this morning. here's a live look from sky 9 at newington heading northbound towards springfield where the lanes are open but you've also got that slow stretch out of dale city toward woodbridge. then again here with all lanes open as you head into springfield. very slow and heavy. also exiting to the beltway. again it is incident free thankfully. let's go over to the maps.
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the beltway is final. normal slow stops on the inbound side of i-66. expect to go about 32 miles an hour as you leave manassas toward centreville and again route 50 to 123. a long slow stretch there as well. inside the beltway on 66, this is going to be great. no problems once you pass all of that slow stuff inside the beltway you're fine at george mason drive trying to get toward the potomac river. let's go back over to the maps. this time we'll go over to the other side, southern maryland, route 5, route 4, route 301, 210. they've all been accident free this morning. nothing to report heading toward andrews air force base. here's route 4, pennsylvania avenue as i said. the entire stretch of prince george's county beltway looks great. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at 270 at 6:43. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. political tensions are high here in washington during an election year. we're now getting some new insight on that climate from the speaker of the house. >> cbs this morning has an exclusive interview with republican john boehner and gayle king joins us live from new york with a preview.
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good morning, gayle. >> hi, mike and andrea. charlie rose was a busy boy yesterday. he was in your neck of the woods in washington, d.c. that's why today we've got strong words from house speaker john boehner. you'll hear about the moment when he said president obama lost his courage. also, the speaker responds to catholic bishops who say the republican backed budget plan fails to meet moral criteria and boils down the presidential race to one issue. we'll see you at 7:00 with the interview you'll only see on cbs this morning. why? because we're the only ones who have charlie rose. back to you. >> that's a good thing. thank you, gayle. >> i think so, too. >> we'll be watching. the clock is now ticking in richmond towards a partial government shutdown. it could happen in less than ten weeks unless law makers agree on a budget. tuesday democrats killed a two- year $85 billion budget plan they balked because the budget failed to fund the metro extension to loudoun county. governor bob mcdonnell blames
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the democrats. he says both sides need to reach an agreement. >> to this point, some 95 to a hundred days after the commencement of the session and still have no budget and have it all because of one project in one area of the state is simply not responsible. >> the state senate could meet again today to take up the budget. vdot is telling its contractors they may have to halt work by may 1 if no budget deal is reached. things aren't much better across the river in maryland. governor martin o'malley is considering whether to call a special session. state lawmakers failed to pass a legislation before -- pass a budget before their legislative session ends last week. they'll be under a so-called doomsday budget if no deal is reached. it has half a billion dollars in cut tots public schools and social -- cuts to public schools and social services. more than 20 women may be
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involved in a prostitution scandal at the secret service. nearly a dozen agents are accused of bringing those women to a hotel in colombia just days before president obama was about to arrive. delia goncalves is live near the white house with some of the new things we've learned this morning. delia? >> reporter: mike, president obama is saying that he expects his agents to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity, but of course we know that 11 agents are now on administrative leave. their security clearances have been revoked because of their connection to this growing scandal. i emphasize growing scandal because we now hear that 21 men could be involved, including members of all four branch tz of the military. though their stories -- branches of the military. though their stories are differing a bit, officials believe they all were drinking at a colombia strip club and then paid these women to return to the hotel. the president says he will await results of the investigation before firing anyone, but it does appear the head of the secret service is
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safe, at least for now. >> the president has confidence in the director of the secret service. director sullivan acted quickly in response to this incident. >> they're all saying embarrassing, disgusted, we apologize, embarrassed the. i have never seen it personally. has it happened before? i'm sure it has. is it endemic to the entire agency? no. this is not my experience with the secret service at all. >> however, this is a very serious situation potentially could have been dangerous for our president and our condition but officials are now saying it's unlikely there was a security breach because those agents were not yet briefed on details of the president's trip to that country. back to you, mike. >> seems like a lot more to come on this one. thanks, delia, live near the white house this morning. the g8 summit is coming to camp david next month and so are the protesters apparently. members of the occupy movement will head to frederick county to hold what they are calling
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the g99 protest summit. they will set up in either frederick or thurmont near camp david. the g8 summit begins may 18. a northwest d.c. shop owner accused of selling alcohol to high school students has a court date set for may 21. we first told you about him in january as part of our 9 wants you to know series on underage drinking. richard kim is the man in question and he's there on the right. he's the owner of the town square market. prosecutors offered him a plea deal yesterday allowing him to avoid jail time for allegedly selling alcohol to minors but kim said no, he's opting for a jury trial. new research suggests teens pick up their drinking habits from their parents. that's according to a new study released by mothers against drunk driving. data shows many kids are getting alcohol at home. >> new data shows that 26% of all high school drinkers get their alcohol from a parent or
6:37 am
family member. this is stunning. >> experts say teen alcohol use kills 6,000 people a year. as part of its power talk 21 campaign, madd is encowrning parents to make -- encouraging parents to make some time this saturday to talk to their children about drinking and drugs. 6:37. jessica doyle is watching your money for both women and men. >> she's talked about paychecks and the gender gap is not going away. >> it is not but good news-bad news. the good news is things look better here than in any other city in the country. that's pretty good news. the bad news, though, women still earn a lot less than men. a new report from the american association of university women finds american women earn 77% of what men earned back in 2010. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report the pay gap was the smallest in washington, d.c. at 91%. the gap the largest for hispanic and latina women who only earn 61% of white men earn
6:38 am
on average. one-third of working women are now their family's bread winner. yesterday was equal payday, a day aimed at calling attention to the gap between men and women's wages. if you're thinking about buying a new laptop, you may want to wait a little bit. "the wall street journal" says you should try trito stick it out till the fall when microsoft is likely to introduce version windows 8. new laptops will be rolled out to take advantage of the new operating system. also look for apple to roll out a new operating system this summer. it is called mountain lion. earth day just days away. a new coupon -- 75 say they've saved by going green at home. a lot of folks think these green practices are a bit extreme. 72% cited rarely taking showers to avoid wasting money. maybe you heard of this. dumpster diving for clothing and other items.
6:39 am
68% said that was too extreme and reusing plastic baggies even when they're dirty. 53% ever respondents said that's going too far. >> if i had cookies in the bag and reuse it to put more cookies in? is that considered dirty? >> that's not so bad. but, yeah, that's considered dirty. >> maybe liquid stuff. >> stuff hard to get out of there, oil. icky. in nine minutes the new website bring the district's black history right to your desk top. when you peek outside you'll notice it's cooler, cloudier. rain showers on the way. highs only going to hit the 60s today. howard will tell us when the sun will return.
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welcome back. this is monika santami with time saver traffic. it's 6:43 at 60 degrees. the beltway has been incident free all morning long i'm happy to say but it's been a different story on some of the major thoroughfares, namely in virginia. i'll get to that in just a
6:44 am
minute. southbound 270 your heaviest stretch is going to be out of frederick toward 109 and then it's okay in gaithersburg. we'll take a live look here. a little further south at route 4, pennsylvania avenue. things are fine if you're traveling on the beltway in prince george's county. by the way, 270 a little heavy as you head from montrose road down to the point where the lanes divide. let's take you back over to the maps. this time to let you know that all of your trains are on time, including metro, marc and vre. northbound i-95 your heaviest stretch is going to be out of dale city trying to get across the occoquan river. off and on towards springfield. we'll take a live look outside in springfield on the northbound side of i-95. a little slow here leaving newington heading up to the beltway. all of your lanes are open. a live look from sky 9. we haven't seen this for a long time from sky 9. its edsall road past duke street up toward seminary road. we usually don't get this close on the northbound side of 395. i'm happy to say we can see this shot from 395 looking slow
6:45 am
as usual but all lanes are open heading through landmark this morning. next report is coming up once again at 6:58. now a commuter alert. a heads up for everyone driving through northwest during the day. beach drive will be closed through the rest of the week between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 in the afternoon. it will be closed between joyce road and broad branch road so maintenance crews can safely do some work. it will be back open in time for the evening roush but your best alternates -- rush but your best alternates during the day 16th street. we'll need the rain gear. >> yes, we'll have showers. the rain will help with the allergens. it tends to cleanse out. it will grab the particles of pollen and cleanse it out. a short term fix, not a long- term fix but any relief we can get is good. look at these numbers from the army allergy extract lab in
6:46 am
northeast. the tree pollen came in very high. not just high but very high. i know michael jackson happy to hear that -- i know mike hydeck happy to hear that information. grass at 6.07 and weeds and mold low. we have showers. temps running in the 50s to about 60. that will be the case all day. not going to see much movement with the the temperatures. with the cloud cover, showers here and there, temperatures holding upper 50s to about 60. northeast winds all day 5, 10 miles an hour. even this evening we'll be in the 50s. if you're going out to the parks for the nats game, got tickets, there may be a couple of rain delays or passing light showers. temperatures generally in the mid-50s to start. mid-to upper 50s with the north wind at 5. here are the showers moving up from the southwest. rains leftly across southwestern virginia and just to the south of washington now we're seeing some of those showers on live doppler 9000hd here to our south and west. want to take you here on live
6:47 am
doppler 9000. we'll go north first. hagerstown showers right down the i-81 corridor. look at this coming out of woodstock traveling right up the west side of 81 here, the northern part of the shenandoah valley. down to the south and west, here's culpeper to madison and orange. this is all moving off toward the northeast. so goldvein, fauquier county, this is headed toward you. stafford, this is headed towards you. colonial beach, the northern neck, we have showers scattered here which are now crossing the river into st. mary's and calvert county shortly. so scattered showers will be a good thing as we really, really need the rain. temps right now running from the low 50s north and west to about 60 here in town. i do not anticipate much movement of the thermometer today. scattered showers, temperature about 60. tonight some showers before midnight. mostly cloudy, about 50 for the low. 70 tomorrow. could be some early clouds. it's going to be a really nice day. friday 77. as we head toward saturday 74 with the afternoon threat of showers and storms.
6:48 am
could be a washout sunday. showers and storms, upper 60s and more showers monday, 62. mike, over to you. >> thank you, howard. time just about 6:48. learning about the spirit of black d.c. is now just a few key strokes away. >> some talented students at la lou high -- ballou high school are credited with getting this off the ground. the website launch party was held yesterday at the african- american civil war museum. the spirit of black d.c. website is the result of a lot of hard work by some talented students. >> this is a new website that's created by my students and myself and a lot of good people who watch -- that want to preserve, protect, defend and celebrate the black history of washington. >> to find out more about the spirit of black d.c., go to click on features to find the morning show tab. 6:48. time to reveal the question of
6:49 am
the morning, the answer this morning. here's the question one more time. new research subjects drinking one of these things -- suggests drinking one of these things will make you 40% smarter. is it a, coffee, b, beer, or c, grape juice? >> you may not remember this after i tell you but we've got a smart group of people watching. the answer is b, beer. all right. >> producer dan is very happy. here's jessica with today's daily deals. >> how about some wine? we'll have that for you. i've been searching the e-mails and websites so you don't have to. let's save some money. we'll get smart by getting away for a wine tasting. at least it's smart money. google offers has a deal with hidden brook winery in leesburg. pay $15 for a wine tasting experience for up to two people. it's up to a $35 value. you'll also get two souvenir glasses to remember your visit. your computer data going portable with this deal on a usb flash drive. this is amazon's deal of the
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day. you'll pay $19.99 and get a 32 gig flash drive from transcend, a 60% saving with free shipping. we want to clarify a daily deal from yesterday. maryland's blue crab express is offering four crab packages ranging in price from $59 for 12 crabs to $144 for a lobster, crab cake and shrimp combo. the deal is through groupon and available for two more days. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. a check of the news before you go is next. at grocery storesreedom this quarter. cash back thank you. activate your 5 percent cash back.
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6:53. scattered showers out there. heavier once south of
6:54 am
washington. we'll see the on and off showers today. cloudy, cooler, a lot cooler than yesterday with temperatures only around 60, give or take a couple. we turn nicer. tell you about that at the enof the broadcast. metro is pulling 94 buses out of service. that's one of the stories we want to tell you about before you go. this bus caught fire yesterday. it happened on route 50 in maryland. it's the second time in a week an orion six model bus caught fire. no one was hurt in either incident. metro wants to make sure all of its riders and drivers stay safe. d.c. police are investigating an overnight murder. they say a man was found shot dead just before midnight at 14th place and savannah street in northwest. his name has for the been released. gio gonzalez picked up his first win with the nationals last night. went seven innings, struck out eight astros. d.c. tops houston 1-0,the nats have won five of the last six games in washington this year.
6:55 am
>> very cool. he's the man behind the 40- year-old virgin and bridesmaid. he is here to talk about his new project. >> one more check of traffic and weather so stay with 9news now.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
one more thing before we go because we are still in awe of what we were able to see yesterday. a mixture of goose bumps, tears for some, and just absolutely spectacular vistas over the city of washington, d.c. with the shuttle discovery. >> isn't that amazing. jessica was out there at grave gravelly point. >> one kid said it was the greatest thing he's ever seen since being a kid. another kid wearing an
6:59 am
astronauts cuss tomb. i said -- costume. i said where did you get that? he said costco. >> half the station was on the roof. you felt like you could touch it. you got the chills. it was just amazing. >> don't want to be on the roof today. we have showers that are going to be around at times. a cooler day, about 60. sun returns tomorrow, 70. nice on friday with more showers and maybe a few rains by the weekend. a live look from sky 9 on the beltway in annandale leaving route 236. it's going to be heavy heading northbound this morning. wall street looking a little lower. maybe kind of a fallback after yesterday's big rally. cbs this morning is coming up next. more on the secret service scandal and the exclusive interview with house speaker downboehner. monika and i will be back in 20 minutes. download our free news apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. till then, have a great day. bye-bye.


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